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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 3, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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coastline. santa rosa reporting patchy dense fog. this is where the possibility of showers will remain over the sierra, including over the rim fire for today. meanwhile here at home, the winds remain on shore, 25 miles per hour through fairfield. that breeze will keep our afternoon highs in check, temperatures feeling a lot like yesterday. today in the 50s to low 60s for most of us. low to mid-60s expected along the coastline. mid to upper 60s for san francisco. we're talking low 80s right around walnut creek and concord. so i will detail these highs for you coming up in a few moments. in the extended forecast, a big warmup in time for your commute. good morning, sal. >> good morning, rosemary. we are doing well. obviously this is the first commute after the labor day
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weekend. the commute of the bay bridge, which we have now, traffic is moving relatively well. in fact it's light. here we are. this is going to become the new view that you're used to seeing on the bay bridge. also this morning we're looking at the commute on 680 southbound. that traffic is moving along nicely with no major problems. 680 that's reopened after an early accident near the benecia bridge. it's 4:31. let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thanks, sal. i'm out here at the new bay bring. we're standing in front of the toll plaza. we have been out here for half an hour. traffic definitely picking up. cars moving along just fine. it's gorgeous.
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the new bridge, i got to see it from the east shore coming in. it is such a pretty sight. what a difference it is coming across the bay on this nice, wide-open span instead of the lower deck, that dark metal cage that was the lower deck. so very exciting. it's a historic morning for bay bridge commuters. the new bay bridge now open for business. last night chp took down the barricades at the on-ramps and interchanges and that let traffic flow to the bridge for the first time since wednesday night during the closure. the scheduled opening was 5:00 a.m. this morning. construction went well. you saw it live last night. we were here during the ribbon cutting. when the cars were allowed just after 10:00 last night, hours before the deadline, which is much better for the morning commute to have this bridge open up last night instead of
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this morning. now, the chp asking drivers please do not stop to take in the view or take in any pictures. it is certainly dangerous. it will be tempting for people because this is brand-new and it's gorgeous. it's very pretty. the views are nice. the lights are bright. but chp says stopping for any reason other than an emergency is illegal, it's dangerous and you can be cited. it is a moving violation. that will be reflected on your driving record on your insurance. officers will be patrolling the bridge. they're going to be looking for speeders. just so you know the speed on the bay bridge is 50 miles per hour. i can tell you right now that cars seem to be moving along just fine, not speeding along. this warning from the chp comes during this first morning commute. people are going to be excited. again, it was much safer that we opened up last night versus this morning. but it will be interesting to
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see what happens as the morning commute goes on, as it gets lighter out here. let's go over to terry. you must have great view from up there. >> reporter: i do. it's a spectacular view. we want to show it to you. to go off of what pam mentioned, we crossed this morning and there were half a dozen chp lined up on the site. definitely drive the speed limit. it is easy to speed because the road was so much more open than it was before. you don't realize how fast you are going. we're going to go back to yesterday when the bridge first opened ahead of schedule. with a torch, the lieutenant governor opened the chain. it was slated to open in about half an hour but the crews wrapped up the painting and striping on time and the bridge
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opened at 10:15 last night. the focus was on a bridge that arrived on time. >> it has been completed before the arrival of our next big earthquake. and thank goodness for that. [applause] >> reporter: the bridge was replaced because a section of the eastern span collapsed during the 1999 quake. it cost nearly 6 and a half billion more than the original estimate. right now, we're going to toss it over to alex savage who is out driving somewhere on or near the new bay bridge. alex, how is it going? >> reporter: it's going well so far. we just went through the toll plaza. i'm driving here. the first morning commute across the new eastern span of the bay bridge. i have not been across the bridge myself here. we're coming up to the incline
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here shortly. not much traffic at the toll plaza. not a wait to get across at this hour. we will see how things progress throughout the morning. there it is right there. the new bay brick laid out in front of us. you can see the traffic coming up the incline. obviously this will be one morning commute that a lot of drivers will actually enjoy. just a beautiful bridge as it is laid out in front of you here. obviously wide open. you will have a good view. it's dark right now. once things get light, it will be nicer. traffic flowing pretty nice. remember the speed limit, 50 miles per hour. we are going about that speed limit as we speak. most cars it seems is going the same speed as well this morning. people not going too slow. that was one concern that obviously the chp had, that drivers would be coming up this incline here and would be distracted by the beauty of the bridge and they would slow down to take a picture or take it
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in. so far, drivers are not doing that. people are keeping up with the pace of things as we move up the incline. you see the glowing led lights off to the left-hand side. a beautiful setting as we come up to the 500-foot tower ahead of us. heading west to san francisco. a smooth wide so far to say the least. for now we're live on the bay bridge this morning. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> reporter: thank you, alex. hopefully the commute stays nice and smooth that way. bicyclists and pedestrians will be sharing the bridge as well. the new path will open up, the walkway, it opens up to the public today at noon. so the path currently runs from the ikea parking lot from emryville. it goes all the way to the bridge tower. they hope to extend it to the island by 2015.
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now, what has to happen first is they have to get rid of the s curve before they continue the curve along. the speed limit for bikes is 15 miles per hour. and the chp plans to enforce that. >> we will likely meter the bikes as well. >> reporter: close to 1,000 bicyclists have signed up for a group ride that will be at 6:00 this evening. now, the new eastern span is also more expensive as we talked about than originally planned. this was started way back in 1998, when everyone agreed on the self anchored bridge. engineers said it would take four years to build. it was supposed to cost $1.4 billion. but construction took 11 years
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and it cost $5 billion more than the original estimate. the work is not done yet. in march of course we talked about 32 bolts designed to help hold up the bridge during an earthquake. they cracked. we have been following that since they were tightened. that threatened to delay the opening on labor day. the temporary fix was done. the permanent repair is scheduled to be finished in mid- december. now, the next question as people drive across this beautiful bridge with the great view is what about the old bridge? we're going to see the old cantilever section for nine months to a year. demolition crews are expected to take three years to take it completely down. about nine months to a year for the part that you can see while you're driving. now, that's about how long it took to build it back in 1936, three years. the old eastern span will be torn down piece by piece. we have talked about how they can't use any dynamite.
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it's environmentally protected. the steel will be recycled. the now infamous s curve will be torn down. the demolition project is expected to cost $240,000 just to tear down the old bridge. we will be down here all morning long as the sun comes up and drivers, there is going to be distracted driving. try your best. quite a view as we mentioned from the lower deck of the bay brimming which was basically a metal, dark tunnel. now you have this wide, expansive view of the bay. beautiful lights as alex mentioned, the led lights. we will hear from all of the reporters positioned out here at the new bay bridge. for now, let's go back to brian. >> we will see you in our 5:00 hour. the new eastern span is
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already on google maps it is highlighted as part of 880 also known as the lincoln highway. the image is recent and doesn't include the new span. the bicycle path is also indicated on the map. we encourage you to check for cameras and drive times. microsoft is buying its way into the cell phone market. it will pay $7.2 billion for nokia's business. the two companies have been working together for two and a half years to compete with samsung and apple. if it gets shareholder and regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close early next year. time now is 4:41. coming up, progress in the fight against the rim fire. coming up at 5:00, its effect on san francisco's water supply. and grieving for two women killed by a driver who is still
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on the run. why officers who were watching the driver say they never chased him. >> we are doing well looking at the bay bridge toll plaza which is open again and traffic is light as you drive towards the new bay bridge. >> outside our doors this morning, we are transitioning to a drier pattern. that means we are looking at a cooler start this morning. we will have a look at today's temperatures and the warmup coming our way for the weekend in just a few moments.
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>> welcome back, everybody. the time is 4:45. you are looking live at the new bay bridge. the eastern span of the bridge open to traffic since 10:00 last night, hours ahead of schedule. we will have coverage from the bridge this morning including traffic with sal. bart is back to normal operations this morning after a whirl wind this past week. 1.8 million people took bart from wednesday to sunday.
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that is a 23 point increase since last year. bart made 380,000 more trips compared to last year. final figures for the bay bridge closure will be available this afternoon. but we know that bart had its highest rider ship during the closure. bart trains are running but clock is ticking for labor day negotiations. they talked about the lack of progress being made. there are only 37 days left before the 60-day cooling off period issued by governor brown ends. union members say bart management has been mostly unavailable for talks. >> i have a concern that the deadline is october 10th and the district is not taking this seriously. they're using the same tactics that they used in the 30-day contract extension which was to sit by and do nothing. >> however bart management says it's the unions that haven't
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been communicating, saying; quote, we are looking forward tilery from management. negotiation wills resume next monday. the san francisco bay and ferries are back to normal this morning. more than 8300 people rode the golden gate ferry system on sunday. ridership for the san francisco bay ferry was also up during the labor day weekend. the families of two women killed in a deadly crash in san jose hope that police can find a suspected dui driver responsible. the driver of a speeding mercedes hit a toyota yarius. 63-year-old carmen and 62-year- old christina were in the toyota. both were food service workers at the san jose airport. the mercedes driver got out and ran. >> turn yourself in please.
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please. do yourself a good deed. please. for my family's sake, you know. >> we're also learning the chp had an opportunity to catch the drivers minutes before the crash. officers had pulled him over on 101 but he sped on. officers felt a pursuit on city streets would be too dangerous. another woman owns the mercedes was not involved and they are looking into who had access to the car. police are asking to help find a missing man. he is 50-year-old wang. he was last seen around coyote point yesterday. he is five-eleven and 170 pounds. police say he speaks like a small child or may not speak at all because of a medical condition. happening today, the mayor of san bruno will give an update on the recovery from the
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pg&e pipeline explosion three years ago. it killed 8 people and injured 60 others. it destroyed 38 homes. there will be a progress report on the rebuilding efforts and will talk about the need to talk about the need to change how public utilities is regulated so explosions like this never happen again. our coverage to the situation in syria. president obama meets with congress this morning continuing his push for authorization to carry out a military attack on syria. now, the president has invited the leaders of several house and senate committees to the white house. top officials briefed members of congress in a conference call yesterday. george miller says they made a good case for a military strike on syria but still he has concerns. >> this is obviously the most serious vote that you can take as a member of congress because you're putting people's lives in harm's way and there's always ramifications that they always tell you aren't going to
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happen but somehow happen. >> secretary of state john kerryand defense secretary chuck hagel will testify today. man low park police want to create a database home surveillance cameras as a plan to catch criminals. it would allow them to access surveillance video and use it to solve cases. they're asking home and business owners to voluntarily tell them where surveillance cameras are installed. police want to install license plate cameras that record every car that passes through town. the city council will take up that issue later this month. time now is 4:50. obviously a big day out there with the new span opening. sal, is it looking good? >> it looks great, brian. just looking at it from the various camera angles, traffic seems to be flowing along. i'm not the first one to tell you, but i drove on the span yesterday. i did. and it's easy to get going fast
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because the lanes are standard width. the lanes on the old bridge were a little bit more narrow. and once you get on the bridge, you will see what i'm talking about. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza. it's light coming into the area here. there are no major problems in the way into the city. don't be distracted. don't pull over. you will be cited. let's move along and take a look now at interstate 880. that traffic looks good as you drive through. talk about the commute in contra costa county now. highway 4 looks good. 680 has been reopened after an early crash on the bridge. 4:51. let's go to rosemary. >> we have a comfortable day in store for you. getting a look at the system that will bring us mild to warm temperatures. the on-shore breeze will be with us for the afternoon. it has shifted enough east to push the sub tropical moisture
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out of here. we will continue to see it over the sierra. here in the bay area, we have a nice day in store. without the cloudy, moist air in place yesterday morning, it is a cooler start. santa rosa reporting visibility down to just about a quarter mile. take it easy if you have an early morning drive along the valley floor. in the extended forecast, the pattern will transition to a warmer, warmer pattern. and i will show you that in the extended forecast coming up. right now 63 in concord. widespread 60s around the bay. 54 in santa rosa. a little chillier outside the doors this morning. some areas in fairfield reporting low to mid-60s. so don't let that number fool you if you're getting outdoors this morning. 80 for sonoma this afternoon. 81 in nevado. these numbers are a lot like
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yesterday. but, again, i don't think we will feel as sticky. 73 for oakland. mid-80s for pleasanton and livermore. 83 for saratoga. 78 for redwood city. upper 60s in san francisco. mid to upper 60s even along the coastline for today. again, all in all, just a good- looking, great day. the extended forecast, holding on to the nice weather through wednesday. as we get closer to the weekend, temperatures rebound. ridge of high pressure strengthens. as it does, it drives our temperatures up. friday and saturday look to be the warmest days as i show you the weekend in view. temperatures fall off a tad on sunday. widespread had i had to upper 90s in the forecast for the inland cities. it could turn out to be a great weekend to head to the beach with low 60s to 70s in the
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forecast for most beach locations. coming up, we will have a look at your lunchtime numbers. >> santa clara county is hitting a record with its efforts to kill mosquitoes this year. the fleet of fogging trucks is scheduled to go to work in north san jose tomorrow night. it will be the tenth time this year that they have sprayed and not likely to be the last time. the mosquito season will probably run through late october this year if the weather stays warm. the old record was seven foggings in one year set in 2007. a scandal at the america's cup yacht race. also the burning man festival is history. how many people made it to the nevada desert this year. mçó4+y?i
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>> welcome back. the time is 4:56. we're continuing to track the first morning commute on the new bay bridge. the new eastern span opened to traffic late last night. some drivers waited for hours to be the first across. we will have team coverage of the bridge's opening coming up. tens of thousands of people are heading home from burning man. more than 61,000 people attended the week-long art festival in the black rock desert this year much that's a new record. burning man started in 1986 in san francisco's baker beach. this afternoon, team orocol
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will find out how much of a fine it will pay. an international jury will announce how severely the u.s. entry will be punished. there is speculation that the team could be docked one or two points meaning that it would have to make up ground during the race finals to grab the trophy. the series starts on saturday. it is a historic morning for bay bridge drivers. the new $6.4 billion bay bring is now open for the morning commute. also why the chp has a warning for drivers taking their first trip across the bay bridge. >> right now, the rest of the morning commute first day after labor day looks good as we look at a live picture of the expansion span on the way to san francisco. >> a good-looking day in store for your tuesday. a little bit of patchy fog out there this morning. it is a cooler start. mild weather for the afternoon. i will have a look at the
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>> good morning. we're out here at the toll plaza of the new bay bridge. we're going to talk about commuters and what it took to get here.
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>> there is still work to be done. more on the permanent fix for the broken bolts and when the work could be completed. it's all ahead on ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, everybody. here is a live look at the new bay bridge this morning. it was supposed to open to traffic at 5:00 this morning. they say, hey, open it up ahead of schedule late last night. it is september 3rd. i'm dave flores. >> pam is out at the bay bridge as part of the team coverage this morning. let's first get a look at traffic and weather. steve is off. rosemary. what is the weather going to be like. >> for starters, the muggy weather is moving out of here and we are looking at a comfortable day. mostly clear skies with patches of fog along the shoreline. santa rosa reporting visibility down a te


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